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Meeting Schedule and Latest News

The Cleanup on November 12, 2016 was a success.  
Both dumpsters were full.
 Contact Tony or Cambridge if you want
to do this in the spring.
 Tony Varda at 869-5527 for any last minute changes.

If you observe possible illegal activities in our neighborhood, please contact the Sheriff's Office at 540-662-6168.
Sheriff Lenny Millholland, e-mail: lmillholland@co.fcva.us

Lakeside Subdivision Map

Need Information regarding Disclosure Packets?

Bookkeeping, Record Maintenance, and Disclosure Packets are handled by

Cambridge Companies, 2509 Valley Avenue, Winchester, VA  22601

Telephone 540-662-2300, email: Susan@CambridgeMan.com

The following items are available on the

Downloads Page.

Minutes of Previous Meetings

LDHOA Bylaws and Open Space Regulationss

On Line Submission of Comments, Suggestions, or Complaints

List of properties included in LDHOA


Special Notices:

Leaf Burning in the LDHOA Subdivision

If you plan to burn leaves in the LDHOA subdivision, please be aware of the
Frederick County Code (see Part II, Chapter 45)
governing this action.  Specifically,
you must be no closer than 500 feet to any occupied structure unless the occupant
of that structure has given written permission; and you must be no closer than
500 feet from any woodland or brush land.

Be Considerate with Pet Waste

When you walk your dog through the neighborhood, please remember
to pick up any droppings your pet leaves behind on the lawns of others. 
 Dog feces can spread disease and parasites to other pets and even to humans,
and no-one wants to step in it!
So be considerate and carry a bag when you walk your pet. 
“Scoop the poop” and your neighbors will appreciate it.



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